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What Causes Nail Fungus And Treatment Advice

Black toenail is when your toenail becomes blackened due to infection or bruising. The fungus responsible for athlete's foot on the skin can also cause fungal toenails, so it is possible for the condition to transfer into the nail and set up residence. Your podiatrist can thin down thickened toenails and make them easier to treat with anti-fungal nail paints.

If your toenail fungal infection progresses, it can cause your nails to thicken and become brittle. This leads to more advanced signs of toenail fungus: the tissue becomes inflamed and the infected toe begins to hurt. Toenail fungus can be caused by several different types of fungi.

Although nail fungus rarely causes serious health risks, the nail can become a fungal reservoir leading to recurrent fungal infections of the skin. Using medications or procedures can vastly improve the appearance of your toenails if you have a fungal infection.

In the most serious instances of toenail fungus infection, the toenail may be removed surgically or dissolved with acid. Clean and dry feet and nails are less likely to pick up a fungus. Fungal nail infection is divided into subtypes that can be identified based on where the infection appears to be located relative to the structure of the nail.

If you have a fungal nail infection you may notice that the toenail has become thicker, yellowish-brown or milky-white in colour, and sometimes malodorous. This fungus usually affects the toenails but can also affect the fingernails. For example, fungal paronychia is inflammation of the tissue folds that surround the nail, and favus is a fungal infection mainly of scalp tissue.

The infections can be caused by a number of fungal organisms. This treatment is a last resort" when other treatments have failed, or if the nail fungus was left untreated for a long period of time. Before initiating topical or oral therapy, patients should ideally be referred to a podiatrist for nail trimming and debridement.

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