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Fungus among us? But in our opinion and with our experience fungus toenails are hard to treat and really only get treated by the medical profession if there is something wrong with that toenail, the patient really wants it gone or there is going to be complications from the toenail.

Signs of toenail fungus include yellowed or brown toenails. These organisms prefer to live on the skin and nails of people and animals, flourishing in dead skin cells and getting nourishment from keratin, a protein found in nails, skin, hair, feathers, and animal horn.

Nails with fungus might look yellow. Fungal infections commonly spread from the nail to the skin and vice versa. Wearing tight-fitting socks and shoes, which cause repetitive trauma to the toenails, is a primary cause of fungal nail infections. If you try and treat your nail fungus without knowing how you got it you might get it back.

Unsightly, yellow toenails can make you feel self-conscious and inhibit your ability to wear your favorite shoes. People for some reason or another wants to soak their feet for hours at a time in Listerine or some other home remedies for toe nail fungus which may or may not work.

The fingernails get infected if they are constantly exposed to wet and humid conditions. If you have athlete's foot or another foot fungus, it can quickly spread and infect your toenails. Without proper treatment, toenail fungus can become so severe that your toenails chip away and fall off.

Athlete's foot or Trichophyton rubrum is the most common dermatophyte and can actually infect the toenails. When infected tissue dies, the toenail fungus will have more dead skin cells to help it grow. In the interim, the medications help prevent new fungi from attacking the nail.

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