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SAP Cloud Platform is at the heart of SAP's digital transformation strategy to unlock its back-end ERP systems to forge new applications and business models. These applications use next-generation technologies such as big data, analytics, AI, and machine learning, all connected with SAP Cloud Platform. Find out the latest SAP Cloud platform news, discover what the experts think, and read case studies of customers' real digital transformation stories.

Anubhav Trainings is reliable institute around the world for supplying On the web and In-class conceptual coaching. The SAP HANA Cloud Integration course curriculum has actually been meant to cover from the basic principles to Highly developed matters. Each subject matter is spelled out conceptually to achieve comprehensive know-how According to the expected essentials of marketplace. Our trainers are expert and skilled end-to-finish task cycle implementer’s who can educate our pupils in establishing skills like analysing and giving ideal assistance remedies.

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